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    Successful E-learning

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    Are you considering taking some or all of your courses on-line? Good for you!

    Two key advantages of online learning are flexibility and convenience.

    Make sure you're ready to succeed. E-learning can sound so wonderful and in reality, online courses require just as much, if not more, time and effort as traditional classroom courses. It also requires specific computer skills and learning strategies in order to succeed.

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      What it takes to be successful on-line-learning

      Unlike a traditional learning environment, where students and teachers are required to meet together in classrooms on a daily basis, e-learning  offers students and teachers the opportunity to interact in different ways. It is important to know that e-learning does involve a community and collaborative approach.

      You will learn about the ways in which e-learning is different from the traditional environment most students are accustomed to. Along the way, you'll also discover how similar, familiar and comfortable on-line learning can be. Because students and teachers aren't bound by the same space or time, there is significant convenience and flexibility offered to learners.

      What is a Learning Management System ?

      A Learning Management System is a collection of tools that function together as the complete learning environment.

      Moodle is your Learning Management System for this course. It becomes your classroom, your tutorials and your study hall as well as a place to find descriptions of your assignments and activities. Moodle enables interaction with course materials, other students and your teachers.

    • Topic 3



      Possible Tool Choices for your Course Assignments:

      Animation Tools


      Photo Stories


      Presentation Tools




      Go! Animate- choose characters, setting, and music. Can include your own images voice Photo Story 3 - quick 2 minute download- you can upload your own images, and use your own voice to narrate Prezi - Zooming presentation tool where you can embed video, web links, documents, images and text Podcast - can be used to create your voice, music, singing or newscast. (Need to download Audacity as well as Lame mp3 Decorder)
      Xtranormal-created animated scenes using text to speech Animoto- upload your own images and use music and themes to create a visual story Voice Thread- upload PDF documents or images, commentary with your own voice and format allows for others to comment or collaborate as well Mindomo or Blubblus- create a visual mind map to organize ideas or concepts
      Toon Doo- Create digital comics Big Huge Labs- create a visual collage or digital magazine cover Glogster- digital poster where images, links, video can be embedded Blogger or Word Press- create a blog that contains information required including images and text
      Voki- use text to speech or your own voice to tell your story Capzules- create multimedia timeline to tell story PB Works Wiki or Wikispaces- can be used to house your project or your work can be created directly inside Any other appropriate tool
      Kerpoof- animated storytelling Mixbook- digital scrap-booking- can share with a link at no fee SMART Notebook (if loaded on your own computer) or Notebook Express (to get simplified version via web without needing to download)  
      Make Beliefs Comix- create a digital comic strip