Topic Name Description
Topic 1 Book Is On-line Learning for You?

On-line learning will require you, the student, to take more control of your own learning environment. To do that, a bit of self knowledge is needed and that is what this section is about.

Book Promising Strategies for Successful E-learning

Once you have some insight to how you learn, it is time to take a closer look at the skills and strategies that will help you be successful learning in the on-line environment.

File Student Success Checklist

You can print this checklist out to remind yourself of the important skills and abilities that help you be successful in on-line learning.

File Weekly Plan Template

Here is a simple template for you to use to create your weekly plans for you courses. Have fun!

Topic 2 Book The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship
9 Elements
Book Digital Citizenship Scenario Campaign
Lesson 3: Digital Citizenship Scenario Campaign