Digital Citizenship Scenario Campaign

Lesson 3: Digital Citizenship Scenario Campaign

The Campaign

You are a leader of e-learning in your school. The school board is currently looking at implementing online classes into the schedules of all students and teachers and they need your help. As a leader in the e-learning world, your task is to use your research to prepare an awareness campaign scenario the school board can use for students, teachers or parents. Your awareness campaign will provide information and education through a story scenario specific to your chosen audience.

1. Choose which audience you are creating your campaign for – students, parents or teachers. Be clear about your audience as this will help shape your campaign and create your scenario.

2. Select three of the digital citizenship elements that will be highlighted within your campaign scenario. Analyze and creatively explore each element within your scenario, being sure to include: 

· impact on the chosen audience

· importance of each particular element in respect to the scenario

· how understanding, or not understanding, the element may have impacted your scenario

3. Make a decision as to how you will represent the importance of digital citizenship and create a persuasive scenario using appropriate and specific examples from what you understand of the digital world. You can use current affairs, personal examples, or create a whole new story!

4. Communicate your campaign scenario using a format that the school board could use to present the importance of understanding digital citizenship to an engaged audience of parents, teachers, or students. Examples might include (but the ultimate decision and choice is yours):

· Glogster

· Animation (i.e. GoAnimate, Xtranormal, etc)

· multimedia presentation (MovieMaker, PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote)

5. Prepare a written summary (no longer than one page) highlighting the key points of your awareness campaign scenario to be distributed to each board member during your awareness campaign scenario presentation.

Be sure to include proper citations at the end of your digital campaign as well as within your written summary.

Here's an example!

(Open this attachment for a downloadable copy of the assignment)