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How to do this Module

Everything you need to hand in for this lesson is included in this check list. Each of the lessons will teach a portion of what you need to complete items on the check list. Please hand in the checklist and all the photos once you have completed the module.

Foods 1040: Meal Planning 1

Checklist for Module Completion

In this Module you need to develop an understanding of planning, budgeting, preparation & evaluation of balanced healthy meals.

Check off each of the following when you have done them.

Here is a link to the Checklist in Word format

Here is a link to upload your completed work

I washed my hands before working with food and have included a photo.


I made sure my workspace was clean before I started and have included a photo.


I have gathered the kitchen utensils, tools and ingredients needed for the recipe, before beginning and have included a photo.


I have planned a nutritious meal in terms of time to prepare and cost


I have looked at Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide and can describe a  healthy meal.


I have read the recipes and made measurements carefully


I have  planned and prepared a breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or a special occasion meal and have included  photos.


 I have ensured my workspace was clean after my cooking was complete and have included a photo.


I have had two people,(friends or family) test the meal I have prepared. I have included their comments regarding the following questions:

1. Is the appearance of the meal appetizing?

2. Does the meal taste good?

3. Is there a suggestion for improvement?