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How to do this Module

Everything you need to hand in for this lesson is included in this check list. Each of the lessons will teach a portion of what you need to complete items on the check list. Please hand in the checklist and all the photos once you have completed the module.

Foods 1020: Contemporary Baking Check list

Checklist for Module Completion

In this Module you need to develop and demonstrate an understanding of traditional and contemporary baking focusing on basic measuring techniques, preparation methods, role of ingredients and the proper use of equipment for baked goods.

Check off each of the following when you have done them.

Here is a link to the Checklist in Word format

Here is a link to upload your completed work


I have completed the baking ingredients assignment and submitted it for marking.

I have completed the adapting recipes for health assignment and submitted it for marking.


I washed my hands before working with food and have included a photo.


I made sure my workspace was clean before I started and have included a photo.


I have gathered the kitchen utensils, tools and ingredients needed for the recipe, before beginning and have included a photo.


I have prepared five recipes that demonstrate each of the following:
1. muffin method
2. biscuit method
3. creaming method
4. a baking method focusing on ethnic diversity
5. a modified recipe to focus on creating a healthier alternative


 I have ensured my workspace was clean after my cooking was complete and have included a photo. 


I have had two people, (friends or family) test all five of my baking assignments. I have included their comments regarding the following questions:

1. Is the appearance of the baking appetizing?

2. Does the baking taste good?

3. Is there a suggestion for improvement?