Energy Output Assignment


1. What two things are your energy requirement based on?

2. Which of the following would influence you to become more physically active?

___ help control your weight

___ reduce your body fat

___ firm up your muscles

___ improve your digestion

___ improve your circulation & give you a healthier heart.

___ provide an opportunity to meet people

___ regulate your appetite

___ provide a release for emotional stress

3.  What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic activity?

4.  Give two examples each of

              aerobic activity

              anaerobic activity

5.  What is the effect of increased physical activity on your energy balance?

6.  What are the two variables in physical activity?

7.  Which activity burns more calories:

              ___  2 km slow cycle                         OR       ___      2 km fast cycle

              ___  5 km run                                    OR       ___      4 km walk

              ___  20 minutes of dancing               OR       ___      20 minutes of house cleanin

8.  Which activity is more intense:

              ___  slow cycling                               OR       ___      brisk walking

              ___  cross country skiing                   OR       ___      down hill skiin

              ___  grocery shopping                       OR       ___      house cleaning