Module 5: Homework

PART 1 Homework:

This week’s homework will be split into two parts:

Please do Part 1 before we meet together as a class. Part 2 will be done after the class.

Please take the True Colors personality quiz before you start week 6 (We will refer to the True Colors personality types during week 6).

1. Childhood Experiences

Think about two childhood events or experiences that affected who you are, and how you function as an adult. Make sure at least one of the two is positive. In your eJournal:

  • Briefly write a little about the two childhood events and their effect on you as an adult.
  • Reflect on three things from your childhood for which you are grateful.

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2. Dealing with Triggers

Share with your learning partner (or on the Discussion Board):
• A wellness habit you can practice when you get triggered by something from the past or something a client said.
• The positive message you created for yourself (from your wise mentors) that you will repeat to yourself when you are triggered.

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3. Optional Sharing

Pick one of the activities below and share on the discussion board.

a. Share positive, uplifting website links with the class (link to description).

b. Share inspiring quotes (link to description).

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PART 2 Homework:  True Colors Personality Quiz

Take the True Colors Personality Quiz

The True Colors personality quiz uses the term “colors” to describe our different personality styles. One color is not better than another; all of us are a unique blend of colors or styles. Just like a color spectrum there is a wide variation between individuals.

Print out the True Colors quiz before we meet together as a class. Do not take the quiz now. We will go over directions on how to fill it out during our class time together.

Click here to print out the personality quiz. 

After we go over the directions in class, take the personality quiz.

Then, in your eJournal:

  • List your color scores from highest to lowest scores. 
  • Did your True Color profile surprise you? Briefly write about why it did or did not. 

Disclaimer: This quiz is provided for educational use only. It is not clinically administered. It should be treated as useful information that may give additional insight to a person's personality and communication style and that of their co-workers. For additional information contact True Colors International ( ANTHC or True Colors headquarters can provide the contact information for Alaska-based True Color trainers that can provide workshops and full assessments for your work teams.

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