Credits : Art 20 is worth 5 credits. The student must achieve a final grade of 50% to obtain credits.
Semester 1

Semester 2

Unit 1 Drawing
Students will begin this course with drawing techniques and will experiment with assorted drawing media.
#1 Art Techniques
#2 Still Life Study
#3 Portrait
October 15

March 15

Unit 2 Composition
Students will examine the elements and principles of art. Students will experiment in process and technique to apply the elements and principles of art to compositions using color and paints.
Students will work in three dimensions, - experimenting in a variety of sculptural materials: wood, wire, paper mache, and mixed media.
Elements of Art Self Check
Principles of Art Self Check
#4 Landscape Painting
#5 Individual Activity
December 15

May 15

Unit 3 Encounters
Students will do a whirlwind tour of Art history to gain perspective in the development of art throughout human history.
Students will have opportunities at various times to express their own ideas and experiment with imaginative and unusual combinations of materials.
Art History Self Check
Art Synectics - a Sculptural Activity
#7 Art Synectics - A New Way of Seeing
#8 Art synectics - A New Viewpoint
January 15

June 15

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