Module 5 Assignment - Smoking Prevention

Smoking Prevention

For this assignment, here is your task:

1. Talk to other learners to form a group to work on this assignment (or work on your own).
2. Choose a population of current nonsmokers that you feel is in danger of starting smoking.
3. Using the expertise you are developing in this course, design an activity (no lecture) to promote smoking prevention for the population you have chosen.

4. Include a discussion of COPD and at least two other medical conditions influenced by tobacco use.
5. Ensure your activity actively engages participants actively.
6. Share your activity with at least two other learners not involved in creating it. Use their feedback to refine your activity.
7. Submit the activity to your course facilitator.

You can enter your responses directly into the text box or you can respond using word and dragging your file into the response box.


1. Click on the 'Add Submission' button below, to see the text box.or file response area

2. Write the answers to the questions into the text box.or drag your file into the file area

3. Click 'Save Changes' and you are done!