Art 30 Assignment #5 Design of Original Artwork

I present a number of possible assignment ideas for you - but I do not want you to feel restricted by these ideas. Any ideas you have are of course welcome. You may be doing one piece of art for this assignment or a number of pieces. You want to demonstrate a personal style by your technique with attention to the elements and principles of art in this lesson. (Go to review lessons if you need clarification here) Our focus here is the use of paints, sculpture and mixed media to develop a much more in depth art work that demonstrtes your personal style.

1. Painting: - Still life study from objects, plants and drapery with a variety of objects and textures-
2. Mixed Media:-Group project from sliced photo source emphasizing individual interpretation of colour and values and therefore a unified and yet chaotic assemblage of final work (work with two or more people, you choose the group)
3. Painting: -Symbolic self portrait- "things about me"

4. Painting: -Realistic Self portrait

5. Painting: - Fantasy/ Surrealism

6. Sculpture: Search the net or view some of the art books about "Henry Moore”. View his abstracted human form sculptures. Look at how he viewed the space around the sculpture (negative space) as being as important as the sculpture itself. Create an abstracted human form sculpture out of clay, in the spirit of "Henry Moore”. Henry Moore was one of the important Modern Sculptors in Mid 20th Century England.
7. Painting or drawing from assemblage: Create a small assemblage of collage and three dimensional objects. View this object as a model for a painting. View the work of John Hall on the net for example. Create a painting in this style.

8. Painting/assemblage: Design an image that uses pattern and repetition. Paint it on masonite. Cut up the masonite image and reassemble the painting in a different configuration.

9. Painting or sculpture: Randomly select found objects or collage imagery or some of your own drawings or a combination of these. Scan them into the computer and use the scan as is, or manipulate it with adobe photoshop. Create a traditional studio painting or sculpture based on this image

10. Painting on 3d surface: Find an old piece of wooden furniture like a table (make sure it is not a priceless antique) Recreate one of Michaelangelo's scenes from the Sistine Chapel on it. Use acrylic.
11. Painting on 3d surface: Create a controlled or random assemblage of sanded wood scraps. Build it sturdy. Paint an objective painting on the surfaces. Deal with the idea of transcending the traditional flat rectangle as a painting surface.

12. Painting grey scale: Create a master drawing from a still life or photograph. Do a gray scale painting that analyzes the shades. Mix from black and white acrylic paint.

13. Sculpture: Create a human or animal form out of gravel and hot glue. You might have to prebuild a support armature from wood, wire, cardboard or paper to support it.
14. Sculpture: Create a sculpture out of wood chips and tiny scraps using hot glue and an armature support.
15. Sculpture: Make a low relief sculpture out of clay or plasticene. Make a plaster mold of it. Cast paper into the mold. When it is dry, remove it and attach it to a wet paper mulch backing background. Let it dry, draw or paint or use mixed media to finish it off.
16. Sculpture: Make an abstract sculpture from wood or wire or styrofoam. Wrap it in string or butcher cord or collage over the surface. Seal with acrylic medium or acrylic paint.

17. Mixed media: Create a monument in any medium that pays homage to one of your heroes.

18. Computer Graphic: Scan a reproduction of a Van Gogh self portrait and a photo of yourself into the computer. Manipulate and mutate them together using Adobe Photoshop software (or other). Use this image as a source to draw or paint from based on the theme "me as Van Gogh”. Show a sense of humor.

19. Computer Graphic: Use the digital camera to take self portraits or photos of other classmates. Import the images onto the computer. Find a work from one of the masters of art history and combine your images with the masters works and imaginatively mutate the images together using adobe photo shop. This could be a work of parody.