Art 30 Assignment #4 Creating Art from Personal Experiences

I present a number of possible assignment ideas for you - but I do not want you to feel restricted by these ideas. Any ideas you have are of course welcome. You may be doing one piece of art for this assignment or a number of pieces. You want to demonstrate a personal style by your technique with attention to the elements and principles of art in this lesson. (Go to review lessons if you need clarification here) Our focus here is the use of paints, sculpture and mixed media to develop of personal style.

1. Painting: Monochromatic /Analogous painting - landscape, figurative or fantasy
2. Painting: Complementary color painting- landscape, figurative or fantasy
3. Painting: Wash technique using water colors or acrylics- - landscape, figurative or fantasy
4. Painting : Take a piece of plasticene or clay and sculpt an object or objects with it. Use the objects as models to paint from.

5. Painting: Set up a tradition still life of bottles, bowls or cans or other objects, paint the three dimensional form concentrating on the illusion of volume.

6. Collage, or painting : Create a painting or collage that utilizes the concept of radial balance and symmetry in the design. If painting, utilize complementary colours for maximum contrast. Perhaps the initial idea could be computer generated and then taken back into traditional painting.

7. Sculpture: Make "food” or "make a meal” - Use clay or mixed media or wood. Perhaps attempt realism in the final presentation.

8. Any medium: Have some of the people around you write different words or phrases on scraps of paper. Don't ask them what they have written. Ask them to keep the words "family rated”. When you collect all the papers, string several of them together and generate a surreal or absurd work in any medium of your choice that is a result of the forced comparison of the words.

9. Silhouettes: - compressing volumetric form into flat shapes, values and textures

a. working with another student, project a light sources onto the wall around that friend
b. trace different aspects of the shadow
c. transfer the shadow on to scraps of wood, distress the surface of the wood by hammering scratching etc. and cut out and assemble with glue and screws
d. Paint unusual colors onto the surface of the wood
10. Sculpture: Hidden Structures - making structures with sealed elements inside
a. design and make a three dimensional object that " opens up" to reveal something inside
b. If you need a theme try "the secret life of........." or "the forbidden......" or "treasures of......."
c. make it out of wood or cardboard or mixed media
11. Sculpture: - contour drawing
a. do a contour drawing of a hand or a plant or a skull or a still life. Make sure it is pure contour
b. take a piece of continuous wire and try to bend the wire in the same movements of the contour line.
12. Sculpture: - nature/natural
a. make a low relief plasticene sculpture based on one of more natural forms- e.g.,"fish" "turtle" "shell"
b. Take a plaster mold of the object
c. recycle paper in a blender and cast paper in the mold
d. Take the dry paper cast and set it into more wet paper and let the whole assemblage dry out
e. Paint it in an appropriate fashion