Art 20 Assignment #5 Painting - Individual Activity

1. Still life study from objects, plants, drapery with a variety of objects and textures.

2. Search the net for examples of the Canadian Painters "Group of Seven". View their Impressionist approach to painting the Canadian landscape. Attempt a landscape painting of the Impressionist style. This was the first group of Canadian painters to come up with their own style that was original and non-European in spirit.

3. Search the net for "Victor Vasarely" and view his works. Try creating a drawing or painting or relief assemblage in the manner of Victor Vasarely that uses his approach to pattern and repetition and optical illusion. Victor Vasarely was one of the ground breaking artists from the "Op Art" movement in the mid 20th century.

4. Search the net for examples of "Salivador Dali's" surreal art works. Generate a painting that draws upon the surrealist thinking: the land of dreams, contrast and unusual combinations of materials and strange psychological states.

5. Create a drawing, painting, or collage that utilizes the concept of radial balance and symmetry in the design. If painting, utilize complementary colors for maximum contrast. Perhaps the initial idea could be computer generated and then taken back into traditional painting.

6. A project of your own design.