Xiomara "Xio" Owens

Xiomara “Xio” Owens grew up in Wasilla, Alaska and currently lives in Anchorage with her partner as the proud parents of an 9-year-old boy. Xio obtained her bachelor and master degrees in psychology from the University of Alaska Anchorage and she is a PhD Candidate with the UAA-UAF Clinical-Community Psychology program. Xio completed her pre-doctoral internship as a clinician working in Bethel for the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation. Her dissertation project focuses on the assessment of individual’s mental health literacy (e.g., the ability to recognize mental health problems, identify resources to address mental illness, and understand how beliefs and attitudes about mental illness influence treatment-seeking behaviors). Xio’s other areas of interest focus on issues related to behavioral health in multicultural populations, mental health literacy, sexual health and wellness, behavioral health training, and workforce development.

Xio has worked consistently with the BHA Program at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium for six years, and is currently the Program Manager. She works with a wonderful team to understand mental health concerns throughout the state, align behavioral health training needs and resources, and ultimately assist in the continued development of a culturally sensitized behavioral health workforce to serve Alaskan communities. Xio is honored to support her BHAs on a daily basis and she is also quite excited to expand her network and support to other Health Aides as a part of the Healthy Healers project, with the hope that it will reinforce Health Aides’ abilities to keep themselves healthy so they can continue to provide important services to communities throughout Alaska. In her off time, Xio enjoys being with her family, biking, cooking, and playing games.

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