This course is designed to engage urban Alaskan educators in culturally responsive teaching strategies, with a particular focus on their Alaska Native students who may have recently experienced a rural-urban migration. To achieve the goal to better align their pedagogies and curriculum to the cultural contexts of their Alaska Native students, teachers will study: 1) how to identify and understand their own cultural framework as educators andÍž 2) strategies for culturally responsive teaching in a context of Alaska Native cultures The course will culminate in each participant developing tailored lesson plans/strategies for how to practically adapt their curricula and pedagogies to better serve their Alaska Native students (and all their students by extension). For professionals that are not classroom teachers, they will learn to adapt their ways of interacting with clients and communities to become more culturally responsive. This self-developed, research-based, peer reviewed toolkit will ultimately be of service to all of their students (or clients) as teachers (and professionals) will become more culturally responsive to both themselves and their students.